POLYLUX has an experience of over 50 years in the manufacturing of low voltage transformers. Continuous growth and development has made us currently a leading company in the market with exports to over 100 countries worldwide.



It is our objective to offer a very ample product range in this field with the purpose of being able to offer a complete solution to our clients.


  • We manufacture a complete range of low voltage transformers with rating from 25VA to 1000 kVA. We offer general purpose transformers as well as transformers for specific applications such as hospitals, railways, swimming pools and other application fields.
  • The innovating range of ‘Compensator’ harmonic filters offers a unique and very effective solution for harmonic problems in office buildings and industrial sites.
  • Our voltage stabilizers are available in several configurations and provide a very reliable solution for voltage fluctuations in the supply network.
  • We offer stabilised and non-stabilised power supplies for all type of applications that require a DC supply voltage.
  • An important part of our product range is available for direct delivery from our extensive stock. Our large production capacity enables us as well to respond fast to the demands of our customers.