Step-up and Step-down Three-phase Isolation Transformers 

POLYLUX presents the new range of Three-phase Isolation Transformers TTU and TTD, designed for continuous operation at maximum output 365 days a year. This guarantees power is supplied to the installation or equipment they supply.

Definition and applications 

  • The main application of the TTU transfomers is the isolation of circuits, with the possibility of increasing the voltage from 230V to 400V. 
  • The main application of the TTD transformers is the isolation of circuits, with the possibility of reducing the voltage from 400V to 230V. 
  • In installations with a certain level of electrical noise, the TT series helps improve the electrical network quality in secondary. 
  • Changing the neutral system of an installacion. 

Manufacturing characteristics 

  • All the transformers are dipped in anti-flash varnish and then compacted in the furnace. This process increases the insulation grade, reduces noise and provides anti-moisture, waterproofed protection. 
  • All the connection terminals are made of cooper. For transformers with aluminium coils, internal birneatallic AL-CU connections are made by welding with filling and sealing material to ensure a safe long lasting connection. 
  • The high power transformers are manufactured with format cores and low loss properties, thus contributing to improving performance. 
  • All the transformers are checked automatically one by one and the compliance test report is created accordance with the corresponding standard. 

Download the catalogue here.