PIP | PIQ | PIPZ FAMILY Single phase transformers designed to feed pool spotlights.


Dry type resin cast transformer

Advantages of resin technology:

  • Protection against corrosive environments
  • Protection against high vibration levels
  • Protection against electrodynamic efforts
  • Reduction of noise level
  • Increase of product's lifespan

IP-54 enclosure in metallic box painted with epoxy resin

Safety class I

Includes LED functioning indicator, electrostatic screen and taps on primary according to distance between transformer and spotlight (100VA (10m, 20m, 30m), 300 VA and 600VA (10m, 25m, 40m)).

Possibility of tailor-made manufacturing

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Rating100 VA300 VA600 VA
Input voltage230 V230 V230 V
Output voltage12,5 - 13 - 13,5 V12,5 - 13 - 13,5 V12,5 - 13 - 13,5 V
Frequency50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Protection degreeIP-54IP-54IP-54
Ambient temperature45 ºC45 ºC45 ºC
Temperature riseClass BClass BClass B
InsulationClass B - 130ºCClass B - 130ºCClass B - 130ºC
WindingsClass HC - 200 ºCClass HC - 200 ºCClass HC - 200 ºC
Test voltage3 kV (1 min, 50 Hz)3 kV (1 min, 50 Hz)3 kV (1 min, 50 Hz)
StandardsIEC/EN/UNE-EN 61558, CEIEC/EN/UNE-EN 61558, CEIEC/EN/UNE-EN 61558, CE
Weight3,9 kg3,9 kg11,9 kg
Dimensions (AxBxCxDxE)140x95x165x123x120 mm 6Ø140x95x165x123x120 mm 6Ø190x120x215x174x160 mm 6Ø